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Equipment for metal "cold forging
  • Equipment for metal "cold forging

Equipment for metal "cold forging

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The equipment with a set of the hardy tool is intended for art forging and the general metal working.

The equipment set, thanks to availability of mandrels, templates and powerful levers allows with high quality to make a set of patterns of metal similar to forged. The equipment is calculated for work with preparations from hot-rolled steel like Art. 3.

By means of this equipment production of gate, grids, arbors, chimney accessories, garden benches and tables, drovnitsa, barriers, lamps, etc. is possible.

  • Equipment package from 4 tools (MZ-R; M3-V1; M3-G; M3-TR)
  • Equipment package from 13 tools (MZ-R; M3-V1; M3-G; M3-TR; M3-V9)
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